Below are the statistics related to epidemic disease corona, the world is fighting with nowadays. Globally total confirmed cases are 12,26,644 out of which recovered cases are 2,52,658 and reported deaths are 66,560. The numbers are increasing day by day, researches are going on worldwide to find some antidote medicine to cure this disease at the earliest. In India, Total positive cases reported are 3,577 out of which 275 patients recovered and 83 died, unfortunately. In the United States of America total confirmed cases are 3,11,886 out of which total recoveries from epidemic are 14,967 and 8,493 persons died. Spain reported total infected cases in numbers are 1,30,759 out of which 38,080 recovered from this disease and 12,418 died. Italy holding 2nd position in healthcare services reported total 1,24,632 positive cases out of which 20,996 recovered and unfortunately 15,362 deaths were reported. In Germany total, positive cases are 97,351 patients recovered 23,192 and reported deaths are 1,479. China the originator of this epidemic virus reports total positive cases of 81,669 out of which total recoveries were 76,964 and reported deaths are 3,329. France holding 1st position in healthcare services globally reported a total of 68,605 positive cases out of which total recoveries are 14,008 and total deaths were 7,560 in number. Iran’s total reported cases are 58,226, patients recovered 22,011 and total deaths are 3,603. United Kingdom’s total cases as of now are 47,806 people who died due to this epidemic were 4,932.