Direction by the PM at 8 PM on 24 Mar 2020
1. From today midnight complete lockdown of the entire nation.
2. 100 percent restriction on going out of the house.
3. Just like a complete curfew.
4. Be prepared for this harsh economic state to save nation n lives.
5. Lockdown of 21 days from today… This is needed to break the cycle of spread.
6. Koi Bhi Road Par Na Niklye.
7. Pray for d well being of all those who r caring for u n sanitizing d environment etc.
8. Essential commodities will continue in supply.
9. Poor will b looked after.
10. Rs 15000 crores earmarked for corona related medical research n care.
11. Avoid rumors n go by factual statements.
12. Do not take treatment from anyone other than by qualified doctors.